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May 28, 2011

In addition to our variety of jackets with multiple color options and various stripe and/or piping colors, you are able to personalize your jacket by embroidering it with your name and title in a variety of typefaces, including ten fonts, several colors, and jacket placements.  We also offer our customers logo embroidery.  Simply upload your logo to our servers (see below for details) and we will handle the rest!  Here is a detailed look at how to order your custom embroidery with your Clement chef jacket.

Clement Chef Jacket Embroidery Step1Step 1

First, enter the name of the Clement chef jacket your name, title or logo will be embroidered on.  Make sure to add the jacket to your cart, with the desired quantity.  This will also let the TechnoBake staff know which jackets will receive which customizations if you are purchasing several different jackets. Example: Alicante

Step 2

Second, enter the name and title you want embroidered on your Clement chef jacket.  You can enter any name or title—for example, the name of your company instead of the name of an individual.  Example: Jean Piere, Executive Chef OR La Rue Restaurant, Pastry Chef

Step 3

Clement Chef Jacket Embroidery Step3

Now, select the embroidery font, font color, and the placement of your name, title and/or logo as you would like it to appear on your chef jacket.  You can see the available fonts, colors, and placements by clicking on the main product image thumbnails (such as the Font Table, Font Color Table and Placement Table).  When you click on “Select Embroidery Color” or “Select Embroidery Font”, you will see a drop-down menu with icons to help guide you in making the correct selection after you have viewed the product images to the left of your screen.


Clement Chef Jacket Embroidery Color Options






Step 4

Clement Chef Jacket Embroidery Step4

After making your selections and picking the placement of the name, title and/or logo, it’s time for the logo options.  After selecting your logo for upload, select the digitization option that applies to you.  If this is the first time you are getting your logo embroidered with TechnoBake, select the “Yes (a 1x$75 digitization fee applies)” option.  If you have embroidered a logo with TechnoBake before, select the “No” option.  If you are only embroidering a name and/or title and will not be embroidering a logo, select the “N/A” option.  To clarify, the 1x$75 fee only applies once per logo—after we have your logo digitized and on file, you will select the “No” option.  If you have more than one logo to be embroidered on multiple chef jackets, you will add a new Clement Jacket Embroidery to cart.

Step 5

Clement Chef Jacket Embroidery Step5Finally, select the level of embroidery for your chef jacket and the quantity of embroideries—if you have 10 chef jackets in your cart, but only want embroideries on 5 of them, you will enter the quantity ‘5’.  If you want multiple embroideries on multiple jackets, add multiple Clement Jacket Embroidery items to cart and make sure to specify which jackets will receive which embroideries.

Clement Chef Jacket Embroidery Final Step!

Add to Cart and that’s it–we’ll handle the rest for you.  If you have any questions or concerns at all, you can reach us by:


Call: 1-866-856-2979
Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm CT




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    glad I found this. I definitely need a logo embroidery on my dry up. what is the turn around on this? thanks.

    • (Administrator)

      The actual turnaround for embroidery is 4-5 business days. The total turnaround time with the jacket order is approximately 3 weeks and then we can ship it out.


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